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Chapter 2: Analyzing Games: From Optimality to Equilibrium

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  • Page number:10
    • Section number:2.2
    • Date:3/13/12
    • Name:Julian Fogel
    • Email:filos2@yahoo.com
    • Content:writing $s=(s_i,s_{-i}) contradicts the definition that $s$ is a member of the Cartesian product $S_1X...XS_n$. The order in a Cartesian product matters, as does nesting. $(s_i,s_{-1})$ is a member of S_iX(S_1X...S_{i-1}XS_{i+1}X...XS_n which is not the same as S_1X...XS_n).This may especially lead to confusion in the case of 2-player games, when $i=2$ and the order of the first and second player gets swapped: $s = (s_2,s_1)$.
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