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Chapter 2: Analyzing Games: From Optimality to Equilibrium

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  • Page number: 12
    • Section number: 2.3
    • Date: 03/21/2012
    • Name: Ervin Varga
    • Email: e.varga@ieeeDELETEthisTEXT.org
    • Content: One possible clarification for the expression Uwife(LW)=Uwife(WL) could be the following. Starting from the Definition 1.4.4, the left side of this equality represents the utility function over the strategy profile s, where the action profiles' first element is fixed to LW. In other words, the utility function for s when A= {(LW, LW), (LW, WL)}. The right hand side is for the case when the first element of A is fixed to WL. In both cases, the husband's mixed-strategy has Bernuolli distribution, which similarly applies to the case of a wife's mixed-strategy when the situation is reversed, i.e. Uhusband(LW)=Uhusband(WL) .
  • Page number:12
    • Section number:2.3
    • Date:3/13/12
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