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Thank you for taking the time to point out, and possibly correct, mistakes in the book. Please include anything from simple grammatical mistakes to content errors. To make it most useful to everyone, please follow the following conventions:

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  • Write each item in the suggested format. It will be obvious how to do it from the existing examples.
  • Distinguish between misleading errors and more benign mistakes by highlighting the former with boldface font.

Chapter Pages

  1. Distributed Constraint Satisfaction
  2. Distributed Optimization
  3. Introduction to Noncooperative Game Theory: Games in Normal Form
  4. Computing Solution Concepts of Normal-Form Games
  5. Games with Sequential Actions: Reasoning and Computing with the Extensive Form
  6. Richer Representations: Beyond the Normal and Extensive Forms
  7. Learning and Teaching
  8. Communication
  9. Aggregating Preferences: Social Choice
  10. Protocols for Strategic Agents: Mechanism Design
  11. Protocols for Multiagent Resource Allocation: Auctions
  12. Teams of Selfish Agents: An Introduction to Coalitional Game Theory
  13. Logics of Knowledge and Belief
  14. Beyond Belief: Probability, Dynamics and Intention
  15. Appendices
  1. Games in Normal Form
  2. Analyzing Games: From Optimality to Equilibrium
  3. Further Solution Concepts for Normal-Form Games
  4. Games with Sequential Actions: The perfect-information extensive form
  5. Generalizing the Extensive Form: Imperfect-information games
  6. Repeated and Stochastic Games
  7. Uncertainty about Payoffs: Bayesian games
  8. Coalitional Game Theory

-- KevinLeytonBrown - 12 Nov 2008

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